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Should we thank the Quebecois filth (and their minority friends) for annihilating Canada?

Quebec gave us the Trudeaus. Quebec shoved diversity down our throats. Quebec forced the STUPID French language on us. Quebec gave our cities Muslims, Caribbean thugs and Chinese trillionaires. Quebec has been a drain on Canada for generations. To top it all off, Quebec reelcted Justin Trudeau!

Quebecois in general are barbarians. They travel down to the US and leave a trail of destruction, and being French apes, they get away with it. They go out to Western Canada to "work" but really just to drink, slack off, party and act like chimpanzees (the kind you'd see at Toronto Zoo) while speaking and SCREAMING their gibberish. In their sh*tty province, they don't date, get married, have children (unless it's with some black Haitian), work (or intend to), go to concerts, go to church, go to hockey games, or go to school. It's the QUEBEC way!!!!!!!

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    8 months ago
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    They sound like the filthy liberals in the USA.

    They want to change the way America looks, they want to make America and Canada dark. They are doing the same in Europe.

    These are very white liberals, but have dark souls.

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  • 8 months ago

    They might be apes but are still way more civilized than most murikkkans.

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  • 8 months ago

    You sound very envious of successful Chinese triillionaires who bring so much investment and economic activity to Canada. My guess is that you're a 50 year old socialist

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