Help pls. Do you believe in prophetic or precognitive dreams If so, how long until they occur in reality? Could it take years? ?

In a dream I received a Phone call from my father with God forbidden bad news about my mom. This happened a year ago but still haunts me until this day, esp my dad's voice tone. My dad is not the emotional type and I've never heard that from him but it felt so vivid/intense and was the last dream I had before I had to wake up in the morning. 

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  • 8 months ago
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    I think most dreams that seem to be precognitive are simply your subconscious mind sorting things out Our subconscious often picks up signs and clues without us being aware of them. Everyone we meet sends out signals such as body language and facial expressions. And things that didn't seem important at the time become more important when they are combined with other information.

    In short, I suspect your Dad noticed something about your mom that he never discussed, and now that he is gone your dream mind is trying to make sense of what he knew and what you know.

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