How to Force the Poco F1 to run all games at 60 FPS ?

I have a Poco F1 phone with Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB of RAM. I would say its more than enough to run any game thrown at it and it does the job but not good enough. My phone doesn't push all the games to 60 FPS. I play PUBG mobile, PUBG mobile lite, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery etc but none of them runs at 60 FPS. Sometimes the Harry Potter game runs at 60 FPS and it feels so damn smooth which means my phone can run a game at 60 FPS but it doesn't do that very often. PUBG Mobile Lite is designed to be able to run in low-end devices and still that doesn't run at 60 FPS.

The Game Booster app provided with Poco F1 shows the FPS and CPU GPU usage. The CPU and GPU usage are fairly low about around 20% and FPS lingers between 30 - 40 FPS all the time.

Is there any method to force my phone to use more of CPU and GPU so that it can run all games at 60 FPS ? I want to run at 60 FPS as I'm sure my hardware can handle it. Please help me out.

The snap I uploaded shows the CPU GPU usage and FPS of Hogwarts Mystery game.

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