Why do Republicans depend so much on electoral votes??? Is it because they know they can't win elections without them? Why does America need?

this ridiculous "electoral college" thing when other countries don't need to use it??? The electoral system has got to go! We need to get rid of it NOW so that thing in the White House can't steal another election away from the REAL winner! Hillary won the last presidential election, not Trump! Those stupid electoral votes don't even count.

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  • Foofa
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    2 weeks ago

    You must live in California or New York because minus the Electoral College those two states would decide every Presidential election (and all the other states would feel left out to the point where this already divided nation would become even more hostile).

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Basically, yes.  Republicans have real difficulty in winning the popular vote.  Since the 1980s Republicans have won the popular vote in exactly one presidential election, the 2004 election where Bush benefited from incumbency and lingering good feelings over his handling of 9/11.  Yet since the 1980s Republicans have had three terms in office (including Trump's term).  Without the electoral college helping them win without the mandate of the people they would have been shut out of government.

    The initial purpose of the electoral college was to prevent someone like Donald Trump from coming to office.  I'm not even joking.  The Founders were skeptical about democracy because the majority of the people were uneducated and possibly ill informed.  They worried that a corrupt and unqualified demagogue could come along and win office by preying on people's fears and prejudices.  The electoral college was supposed to stop that by creating an intermediary level between the people and the presidency.  The idea was that the electoral college would be made up of the "better sort" of people, the educated ones like the Founders themselves who, in their view, had the knowledge, cultivation, and economic independence, to make dispassionate decisions in the public interest.  These people would come together and choose the president, possibly from among their own number, and then disband.  It's similar to how the Parliament choose a Prime Minister, but they didn't want the President to be a creature of the legislature so they created the electoral college.  But after the 12th amendment the college lost any potential deliberative quality and became just a rubber stamp.

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    The entire electoral system has for years. It is antiquated and in need of updating or removal.

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  • Clive
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    2 weeks ago

    The reason the electoral college exists is that the USA is federal, and the smaller ones of the original 13 states wouldn't agree to the constitution if it didn't give them more say just for being a state.  The compromise that was reached was

    a) to create the Senate, where every state is the same however big or small it is, and

    b) to create the electoral college, which gives most places according to population, but each state gets an extra two just for being a state.

    Another thing is that the constitution leaves it up to the states to choose their electors in whatever way they like, and in the early days, some didn't hold a presidential election and had the state legislature choose the electors.  It wasn't until 1868 that all states let the people vote.  Now they all do, you could modify it - don't have electors, just electoral votes, and if you forced them to allocate the electoral votes by proportion of the vote instead of "winner takes all", you'd get something closer to the popular vote.  But this would mean a constitutional Amendment and somehow nobody seems interested in doing that.

    Other countries don't use it because most aren't federal, so just one big vote is right for them, and in any case, most have a parliamentary system where the national leader is chosen a totally different way.  For example, here in the UK, we're just about to have a general election and all we do is elect the House of Commons in Parliament.  The leader of the party which gets most MPs elected will become Prime Minister.  You have a head of government who is elected, we don't, so It works in our own very different way.

    It would be as if you just voted for your congressman, and the result of that in the House of Representatives determines who governs.  To make this work, you'd need to have each party choosing a leader who would be in line for the top job, and that's what happens here.  So we don't need primaries either - that's another thing only the USA does - and that makes it possible to have a snap election in about 2 months flat.  (Actual campaigning isn't allowed until Parliament has finished up outstanding business and has been dissolved, so it usually comes down to a mad 3 weeks!)

    Look around the world and what you mostly find is either the country isn't federal, or they don't have an elected head of government.  So they don't need an electoral college.  The Founding Fathers really were trying something new and different from how any other country worked.

    You're right, the Republicans are dependent on electoral votes, because they're more popular in rural areas and Democrats are more popular in cities.  So just have a straight popular vote and the Democrat is more likely to win from all those millions of city votes.

  • The electoral college is one of the compromises that allowed the United States to become a reality. It would be virtually impossible to get rid of it while keeping one nation. Why should a small state agree to be governed by people who think like you, just because they are outnumbered by people elsewhere on the continent?  Better to go their own way if that were the choice.

    The problem with your "thinking" is that it presupposes the existence of the U.S. government in its current form. In fact, it wouldn't exist without the electoral college being a part of the agreement.

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    The Electoral College HEAVILY favors Republicans.  Republicans only care about winning; they don't care about it being fair.

    The Electoral College was originally created for two reasons:

    1.  Before electronics made everything so much easier, getting voting numbers was a very arduous process so having the electoral college made voting easier.

    2.  The elite were worried that the masses would vote "wrong" and wanted a method to overwrite the majority (although this has never officially happened with the electoral college)

    Basically the electoral college has outlived its usefulness but Republicans cling to it because it gives them an unfair advantage.

    https://www.newsweek.com/abolish-electoral-college... The Electoral College was NOT created to give small states a larger influence.  That compromise was how Congress got split into two Houses.  The electoral college is based on a state's population so small states don't get any more influence.

    • Clive
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      Entirely wrong.  The electoral college is NOT based entirely on a state's population.  There would be no need for it if that were true.

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