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I work for a senior living complex and patrons for a bar down the street have been locking their bikes to our railing and security cuts them?

We've had a number of drunk people show up threatening us over their bike chain being cut and removed from the railing.  

Some threaten to call the police or sue.  The police have been called by a few and the police say it is a civil matter and won't help the bike owners. 

Some have gotten cute and put locks that are cut resistant.  We still manage to remove them.

Why do young people feel so entitled to do this on private property?  Is it illegal for us to remove the bikes?  If so, why do the police shrug it off?

Why won't the bar just get their own bike rack so people don't chain bikes to rails obstructing ramps etc?

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    The fencing belongs to the complex. The police would take your side. Do you have signs posted? Talk to the owner of the bar to inform their patrons of this.

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    You certainly have the legal right to remove ANY obstruction to ramps, walkways etc on private property.  What happens if a resident of the senior complex falls and gets hurt because a bike was chained to the railing and they couldn't use it?  The bar or nobody else has any obligation to install any type of bike rack or designated bike parking.  If a bar patron wants to ride their bike to the bar, then where they park their bike is THEIR problem.  You could try talking to the bar owners but they are under no obligation to do anything.  

    I deal with people who feel they are entitled to do whatever they want all day long.  Yes, I've had to litter a parking lot with signs stating the obvious.  

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    Your Facility Manager should have engraved placards affixed firmly along your railing. The placards should say


    Also, go to the bar and inform the owner that their customers’ bikes shall be trashed and that if any bike owner inquires that you will tell him/her that the bar owner was informed and that he should have told his customers no to park on your rails.

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    The rail is private property? Post signs as such, and that the chains will be cut, and problem solved.

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  • go talk to the bar owner (calmly) to discuss the situation, perhaps they can install a bike rack outside for their patrons

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    It’s private property so security has the right to cut the chains. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    What's the harm in just letting them lock to your railing? Are you concerned about damage to it?

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