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I think there’s something seriously wrong with me ?

It’s really hard to explain, but pls hear me out maybe you know something abt this and can help. So uh yeah..I’m gonna try my best to put this into words that actually make sense. I feel like I’m not a person. Not even half a person. Maybe 1/3 a person. I have no solid opinions on things. And I mean anything. I do not have complete thought processes, my mind is always so loud though. A lot of the times I can’t even remember what I was thinking abt 20 seconds ago. Usually in my head it’s just a lot of “shut up shut up shut up shut up okay okay okay it’s okay omg shut up stop okay..think about how that girl just made you spill your coffee..okay I should be upset. ****. I’m not. Think about that dog think about that dog. That dog should make you smile come on smile. ****.” Just very spastic and obsessive thinking. My thoughts never go like “oh I should stop drinking so much coffee and focus on my health” or “wow I can’t believe she would say that” my thoughts are always rambling that I can’t even make sense of, and all at the same time my mind feels empty. I also have no reaction to things whatsoever. Funny things aren’t funny, mean people don’t upset me or hurt me, anger is vague but sometimes there in the form of discomfort and desire for violence. And when I try to think about who I am I just get so lost bc it seems to me like there is no traits or attributes that makes me me. My life revolves around these

constant incomprehensible thoughts as if my brain takes over my heart

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    People typically go through stages like this as they grow  because you literally evolve into a  different person with different perspectives, different emotions, different sense of who you are, etc.  When it all changes too fast, its easy to get lost.   Add to that hormonal changes, and its a recipe for disaster.   And throw in a bit of depression and you might land exactly where you are sitting.  So you have to push yourself out of the place you are sitting.   If there's no attributes to define you at this point, go out and find them.   Experiment.  Live outside your comfort zone.  If you get no sense of adventure or satisfaction from trying things that should be exciting, then there's a good chance you are being held back by depression..  If you have problems with depression talk to a professional - a primary care doc or  therapist. 

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    With all respect, you are 100% and you just need to talk and things will get better over time.  Please my friend talk to someone and peace and blessings over the holidays and beyond.  Take care.

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