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Is it safe to Eat food after sitting unrefrigerated after 6 hours?  ?

I want to bring leftovers to work but we do not have a fridge. I won’t eat it until later on in the day. Is it fine to sit in the lunchbox for a few hours on the desk? 


Work is usually a comfortable warm temperature. I want to bring veggies (broccoli and butternut squash) , mashed potatoes and ham 

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    100%, undeniable, NO!

    The danger zone for bacteria's growing on foods is between 40F-140F, anything less is fine, anything hotter than 140F is acceptable. There is a rule though, and that's if food is left out for less than 6 hours, its savable as long as its brought back down to less than 40F OR heated up to over 140F. 

    Any food that is left out for more than 6 hours is toxic, and a danger to your health! Do you have a fridge at work you can store it in? If not, the other option would be putting an ice pack in a lunch box, this would allow the food to stay at the safe temperature, and you'd be able to eat it.

    Source(s): I work at a restaurant/trained in health and food safety.
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    9 months ago

    It depends what it is?

    Maybe you could get a 'lined' cool / bag?

    Sounds silly, but it may help by keeping it in the shade or a dark place.

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    yeah! if it's an office environment it'll be climate controlled, and no food spoils that quickly.

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    Not good.  So get a plastic bin, fill it halfway with ice cubes or crushed ice, and place your trays of food on top of the ice.  It helps to have a lid so you can transport it, and cover it, until time to serve.  Keep it on the ice.  Think of the way deli shops and restaurant buffets use theirs.  The food safety requirement is to keep the food at refrigerator temperatures, like around 45 degrees F.

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  • 9 months ago

    That depends on what kind of food, and how warm it is at your work. You forgot to tell us those things.

  • Anonymous
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    I'm sure of it?

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