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saddam and bin laden were us allies for jeeper?

look on wikipedia rumsfeld meet saddam and look the arabs of afghanistan with reagan and 911 was an inside job like relatives of 911 admit it and is hurt the truth for you? I am right and you are wrong and saddam killed the commies like pinochet did, and the uss shark was during first iraq war, then pinochet had not oil eh?

lan you smell so bad and socrates I did gibberish in past I did it purpose, azzh0le saddam killed the  commises that you hate

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    rumsfield was a drug company CEO when he met saddam, not a member of the US government

    you have nothing at all showing anyone from the US ever met or talked to bin laden

    The USS Stark was NOT during the first gulf war, it was before the gulf war

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    You need to stop sniffing other people, Luigi Mohamed. 

  • Anonymous
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    saddam was a lesser of two evils against iran while arabs against Ussr

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    raghead trolling ********************* ************************* 

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