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is hurt the truth for americans that supports israel that marx was a jew?

and jews killed Jesus with romans too yes Iam an antisemite but Ih hate palestine too palestinians are capitalist and hitler was far rightesttough if he was an ally of arabs

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    Marx was born into a Jewish family, but his father was forced to convert into a Lutheran to keep his lawyer's license, before his son's birth.  Due to this religious oppression, Marx grew up in a household that didn't take part in any religion.  So, he ended up becoming an aetheist.    

    Jesus was a Jewish man, but there's no historical proof that his own people killed him.  BTW, the Bible isn't actually a history book.  It only expresses the beliefs of its followers.  

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  • 7 months ago

    Nope. Political affairs and religious affairs are separate.

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