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Will President Trump win a third term in 2024 and his face on Mount Rushmore?

Let's face it, the Democrats are losing voters and the IG is getting ready to start handing out indictments to the the Dems. I wouldn't want to vote for a Democrat, you couldn't make me.

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    Einstein, he CAN"T run for a third term. He is Constitutionally limited to two terms. You did go to school, no?

    Geologists have already said that no additions can be made to Mt. Rushmore due to the risk of permanent damage.

    Nancy Reagan tried to get them to put her husband there, and they explained to her why it's not feasible.

    We can put your face in a post office, though.

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    3 weeks ago

    I would vote for him and I know many people that would.

  • 3 weeks ago

    If anyone ever tried to put that piece of sh*t on Mount Rushmore it wouldn't be there for long

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    Not unless we are at world war three and getting invaded by every other country in the world.

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