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should I support Israel or Palestine?

I think that Israel is more right:

there are jews for palestine not palestinians for Israel

Israel wanted a two state solution

Israel attacked hamas and hezbollah terrorist groups.

However I do not hate Palestinians like a big part of world,

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    I cannot dictate your answers; however, based on what you've written, it sounds like you're naturally more pro-Israel. Even the most pro-Palestinian thing you say - "I don not hate Palestinians" - isn't an inherently anti-Israel thing to say, and is fully compatible with being pro-Israel. Despite what many people believe, Israel doesn't generally hate the Palestinians too. As such, if you have to pick one, I would be more supportive of Israel as that'll be the most comfortable.

    Personally, I think Israel is more in the right as well. I have to give you that disclaimer. But I think we're naturally in agreement that Israel has done more to foster peace and a two-state solution. In addition, Israel does focus on terrorist groups whereas these groups are less discriminate in who they want to target. One thing I do disagree with is that the world hates the Palestinians, because it seems like quite the opposite. This is especially true if you look at the Arab and Muslim world which absolutely is on the Palestinian side of this conflict and the respect they command puts others on their side against Israel as well.

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  • Robert
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    8 months ago


    "Palestine" is not and never has been, any sovereign state. The "Palestinian" Arabs have autonomy under the Oslo Accords, referred to as: the "Palestinian Territories". Although there is a: "State of Palestine" place-card at the Arab-dominated United Nations, in reality there is no such state.

    When are falsehoods against Israel typically due to anti-Semitism?

    UNSUBSTANTIATED-allegations against Israel that insult the reader’s intelligence by being typically-provided with:

    No details, no objective-sources; zero evidence.

    This leaves the impression Israel has become merely a hate-substitute target for that of the Jewish People.

    Those who support the Palestinians in their racist war to ethnically-cleanse, or murder, the Jewish People from the Jews ancestral homeland of Israel, are usually anti-Semitic.


     > The Palestinians want ALL the land of Israel (to which they have zero-verifiable claims), to expel or murder, the Jews as is shown by what is taught by the Palestinian education system and by the “Palestinian National Charter”.

     > Supporting anti-Semitism, is anti-Semitism; while pretending otherwise constitutes a form of appeasement, which is a failed policy.

    “Palestinian” Arab propaganda against Israel is usually “pushing at an open door”, many people being Willing to believe them, while being Unwilling to verify if it is factual, due to anti-Semitism (about which they are often in denial).

    Nor therefore do such people require any reasonable or proper moral standard from the “Palestinian” Arabs.

    Supporting anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism:

    Supporting Palestinian nationalism would cease to be anti-Semitism, only once it ceases to demand ALL the land of Israel and the expulsion or murder of its Jews, and when it sincerely seeks a peace treaty recognising there shall be two peoples peacefully living side-by-side, seeking the common-good, as do for example Belgium and France.

    Palestinian ethnic-hatred of Jewish people has not changed since the Palestinian support of the Nazis in the second world war. Due to ethnic-hatred of Jewish people and also territorial ambitions, the Palestinian education system in the Palestinian Territories practices mind-abuse, teaching:

     > Hatred of Jewish people,

     > a false victim-mentality,

     > that Israel does not exist (aka the Palestinian false-claim to ALL the land of Israel);

     > and similar to the propaganda of Nazi Germany, that the Jew / Israel is the (fake) cause of all Palestinian alleged issues:

    The Palestinian Education Authority in the Palestinian Territories teaches Holocaust-Denial and admiration of the Nazis - see (copy to your web browser):

    The “Palestinian National Charter” seeks the expulsion of the Jewish People from the Jews ancestral homeland of Israel.

    (Please see the source which I have put into the “Sources” area of this answer.)

    Once the “Palestinian” Arabs had tricked Israel into giving them autonomy of part of the West Bank and the whole of Gaza under the Oslo Accords, the Palestinians since:

     > Do not sincerely negotiate any peace treaty.

     > Make an unverifiable false-claim to ALL the land of Israel.

     > Want to expel the Jews from the Jews ancestral-homeland of Israel.

     > Have expelled any Jewish population from all areas under Palestinian control and then falsely-claimed “Apartheid” against Israel !

     > Consider themselves at war with Israel.

     > Attack Israeli Jewish civilians as policy including children (see below).

    No wonder anti-Semites display such emotional-support for the Palestinians!

    While there is no evidence that Israel targets civilians, the Palestinians target as policy Israeli Jewish civilians including children.

    As mentioned, due to anti-Semitism many people do not require any proper moral standard from the “Palestinian” Arabs.

    The Palestinians cynically whitewash their anti-Jewish hate-war as:

    “uprising”, “defence”, “desperation”, “struggle”, “resistance”:

    The “Palestinian” Arabs are addicted to ethnic-hatred against Jews, so if Palestinians injure or kill an Israeli Jew including children, and the Palestinian terrorist is imprisoned as a result, the “Palestinian Authority” aka Fatah (the P.A. is funded by the “European Union”) and the “Palestinian Liberation Organisation” pay a reward-“pension” to the family of the attacker (examples of which see further down):

    - - - - Start of extract: - - - -

    “The Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund is a fund operated by the Palestinian Authority for the purpose of paying a monthly cash stipend to the families of Palestinians killed, injured or imprisoned for involvement in attacking, assisting in attacking, or planning to attack Israel [...]”

    - - - - End of extract - - - -

    The “Palestinian Authority” aka Fatah (which together with the P.L.O. pays the terrorism reward-“pension” of their “Martyrs Fund”, and also funds “Hamas”) is itself funded by the “European Union”.

    The “Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund” and “Hamas”, both brought to you by “European Union” funding of the “Palestinian Authority” aka Fatah:

    Many who demonstrate in European countries against anti-Semitic damage to Jewish tomb stones, have no problem with their governments continuing to fund the Palestinians, thereby also funding the Palestinian ongoing war of ethnic-murder against Israeli Jewish civilians including children.

    Here are some example results from the Palestinian on-going anti-Jewish hate-war:

    Israeli Jewish child Hallel Yaffa Ariel murdered for her ethnicity by a Palestinian terrorist:

    “Israeli girl, 13, fatally stabbed in her bedroom in West Bank” [by a Palestinian terrorist, June 30, 2016], The Guardian:

    Three Israeli Teenagers:

    Eyal Yifrach 19,

    Gilad Shaar 16,

    Naftali Frankel 16,

    murdered while hitchhiking back from their religious schools on the West Bank:

    The Palestinians celebrate attack on Israeli Jewish civilians:

    Askers often refer to “Zionism” in a derogatory manner, but while it seems clear they do not appear to know what the term means:

    “Zionism” is simply Jewish nationalism, and if it were to be considered “wrong”, then the nationalism of other nations would also have to be wrong, for example Arab nationalism.

    It is the desire to protect the Re-establishment of Israel within its historic homeland, with Zion (Jerusalem) as its capital (capital of the previous Jewish kingdoms of Judea and (united) kingdom of Israel) while respecting its neighbours.

    Zionism can be traced to the first Exiles of Jewish People caused by foreign invasion and occupation as shown from the extract from Psalm 137 below. Yet the Jewish People have also had an unbroken presence in their ancestral homeland of Israel despite exiles of many of its people; an unbroken presence dating from Biblical times.

    - - - - Start of extract from Psalm 137, verses 1 to 6: - - - -

    1. By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat, we also wept when we remembered Zion.

    2. On willows in its midst we hung our harps.

    3. For there our captors asked us for words of song and our tormentors [asked of us] mirth, "Sing for us of the song of Zion."

    4. How shall we sing the song of the Lord on foreign soil?"

    5. If I forget you, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget [its skill].

    6. May my tongue cling to my palate, if I do not remember you, if I do not bring up Jerusalem at the beginning of my joy.

    - - - - End of extract from Psalm 137, verses 1 to 6 - - - -

    The “Palestinian” Arabs falsely-allege Israeli Jews all came from Europe. Some Jews are returnee-exiles, since the Jewish People have Judean heritage. Yet the Jewish People are indigenous to their ancestral homeland of Israel, with unbroken presence there from Biblical times:

    The Jewish People have not only had unbroken presence in their ancestral homeland of Israel since Biblical times, but also prior Jewish sovereign states in the land, for example:

    The Jewish People have had an unbroken presence in their ancestral homeland of Israel since Biblical times, and also previous sovereign states in the land, for example the Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judah (aka Judea) (including the West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights), with its capital of (what is now East) Jerusalem. Between 110 BCE / 754 BH and 63 BCE / 706 BH:

    The Palestinians do not accept the same world history as the rest of us and therefore have consequential “difficulties” with it. On the following website the reader can learn about Palestinian propaganda that replaces the history of Jewish presence in the Jewish People's ancestral homeland of Israel, with a fake Arab history - see (copy to your web browser):

    While Israel is a multicultural country with diverse ethnicities and religions, it is also indeed a home for the Jewish People (Re-established within the Jewish ancestral homeland); something for which the Jewish People have no need to apologize - to anyone !

    I hope this helps.


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    Source(s): Additional sources: Image: “Palestinian protesters carry a transparent kite defaced with a swastika ... [Gaza border] - [AFP/Getty Images].”: The “Palestinian National Charter” seeks the expulsion of the Jewish People from the Jews ancestral homeland of Israel:
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    • Robert
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      Further example coins of Jewish Hasmonean sovereign state in the land of Israel, here:

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  • BMCR
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    8 months ago

    The two sides are pro Israel vs. anti Israel.

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  • 8 months ago

    Palestine all the line, by supporting the Zionist state, you are supporting Apartheid and returning us back 100's of years

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    • Robert
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      See: “Why Israel is not any Apartheid state” by contributor “Shay p”:

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  • 8 months ago

    the situation is so, so complicated it doesn't have to be a binary choice. you can say, and this is completely hypothetical, you support the jewish people having a homeland but support better treatment for the palestinian people. you can support the people, rather than the governments too.

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    • Robert
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      Palestinian joy at the murder of civilians, extends also to the United States of America - please see source for Palestinian reaction to 9/11:

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