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Can observant Jews eat in a non-kosher restaurant? Can an observant Jew make kosher food using ingredients purchased from a Muslim merchant?

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    Depends on how strict the person is.  Some branches of Judaism will not allow you to eat off a plate that has been used (any time in its existence) to serve non-kosher food.  (One trick is to order the food "to go" so that it is served a foam box and not a plate or something that could have served non-kosher food.)

    There are items that Jews can, and will, order from a non-kosher restaurant.  Again, it depends on how strict the person is. 

    Most Jews would not eat food that is "halal" because it involves more than just how the meat is slaughtered.  It also involves the meat being presented to a non-Jewish deity.  That makes the food unclean to any observant Jews. 

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    Stick with chicken, lamb and hamburger and you should be OK.

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    "Can observant Jews eat in a non-kosher restaurant? "

    Generally, no.

    A kosher eating Jew cannot eat non kosher.

    Even if, in theory, a non kosher restaurant would be willing to serve a kosher meal, a religious Jew cannot eat there.

    (Also, from a practical point of view, I don't see how a non kosher restaurant could serve kosher.)

    "Can an observant Jew make kosher food using ingredients purchased from a Muslim merchant?"

    *If* the ingredients are kosher.

    However, just because something is halal does not mean it is kosher.

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    Kosher means the food is blessed by a Rabbi.

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    It would depend entirely on exactly how observant the person was. Many Jewish people who keep kosher will eat in a non-kosher restaurant and order fish or a vegetarian meal. Others who are more frum (strictly observant) will only eat in a kosher restaurant. I cannot imagine a strictly observant person using halal ingredients under any circumstances.

    It just goes to show that every religious person is insane in their own special way.

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    Much food is neutral

    A Jew could eat vegetarian food for example 

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    As for the first question, apparently so. My colleague is a rabbinical Jew. He wears his yarmulke every single day, does his morning prayers at the office with near total fidelity.  He often goes out to lunch with another colleague at a restaurant.  My Jewish colleague takes his kosher food with him to the restaurant, sets it down on the table and eats it.  

    Hannah J Paul

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    No and No ...

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