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Should fathers be encouraging their sons to be more masculine and athletic?

Too many young boys these days are soft fat little wimps who are coddled by their mothers.

They spend all their time inside playing video games instead of developing healthy friendships and learning to talk to girls. Now it seems they're more likely to get beaten up by girls.... or worse, decide they want to BE girls with all this tranny nonsense going on.

They should be outside playing sports or exploring.


I see it didn't take long for a left wing paedo to project their warped fantasies onto me. These freaks think everything is sexual.

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    Not in your case, Children in Britain are raised to be gender-confused clowns and weaklings as opposed to people who grow up in different social-environments like the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Is that so you can admire them as they run around in shorts?

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