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Anybody have any experience dating with mental health issues? ?

Hi, so I've had anxiety since roughly the age of 12, mostly social anxiety and its held me back so much. I've done average in school and college and now I'm at uni in my last year. I've had to quit 2 jobs because of my panic attacks. I know that alot of it is triggered by my feelings of not being good enough which I'm really struggling to heal. I've been working on myself but I don't feel smart or pretty enough. I finally started dating these past 2 years (im 24 now) and I've learnt alot about myself through it. It's just it never goes past 3-4 months. I want to be in a longterm relationship which will lead to marriage. Ive taken out breaks between dating people so I can heal from it and then I move on but the same thing happens. I've noticed I choose guys who are more like me, because I don't feel good enough for a guy that's healthy and confident. I'm just wondering, would you guys not date in my situation? It's just I really need love and connection and it's hard to get it from family or friends because they have alot of stress in their lives. I'm not sure what to do because I feel like I'll never be normal enough to date. I'm actually quiet worried about how I'm going to get through life like this. I can't go to therapy atm or even get medication (no job no money). Has anybody on here successfully dated with mental health issues? If yes, how do you make it work?

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    People with no jobs and no money who are living in the USA are often eligible for free therapy and medication if it's suggested, through the COUNTY mental health services where they live. There are grants available.

    There is also a world of self-help online. Anxiety self-help, self-esteem self-help and more. There are also guided meditations on youtube which can be helpful. My favorite uploads are from Jason Stephen and Dauchsey.

    No one is normal. Everyone has issues and quirks

    If your dating doesn't last more than three or four months over the last two years, then you've obviously not met someone you're compatible with yet. Otherwise, you'd still be with someone. We can't just continue to date someone who we aren't feeling compatibility toward. It isn't healthy to do that. So we move on

    I dated for literally 10 years. I was in my 50's not my 20's. I never saw men raise so many red flags. But i met someone eight years ago and we are close now. It happens! We just need to play it by ear.

    You're going to do great. I hope you'll look into self-help and also the meditations. I love the meditations. I listen to them every night when i go to bed.

    take care

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    I don't think it's possible to sucessfully date someone w mental health issues as severe as yours if you don't get professional help first.

    To be in a healthy, estable relationship, you need to be ok first, how are you going to be ok first if you don't address your issues in therapy? If you don't receive proper medication for it? It doesn't work like that.

    Get your **** together before wanting to involve a person in your mess.

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