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Feminists, you do know that most men arent criminals ?

When you use the "BuT MeN ComMit MoRe cRiMeS ThAn WoMaN"

What is it you're trying to prove exactly?

That women are morally superior to men? That men are all evil?

Why are you making it a contest? Why are you being sexist?

Isnt that what the kkk use against black people? The overdone stupid crime stat.

Do you feminists know that the men who commit crimes are the majority.

What about the men who save lives, help people, donate to charity, donate blood and do acts of kindness. Do they matter or should we just ignore them?


Do you feminists know that the men who commit crimes are NOT* the majority.

Update 2:

Do you think you're morally superior to every man you meet just because of the crime stat. Are you that stupid?

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  • Vicki
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    3 weeks ago
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    We should acknowledge all the good things men do to.

    I know that men yes, do commit a crap ton more crime.

    But also, men do a world of good. Men, like women, do a world of good and bad.

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    omg yes i love you not in that way though i mean that you feel the same way as me that feminists always make it seem like all men are bad and that all the good men are just bad when they are arent. thank you so much for this question. :) im totally with you on this. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    They're not relevant when it comes to women protecting themselves from male violence, because those males aren't violent. Why exactly do men always see themselves in evil criminals whenever women talk about male violence and get defensive. I wonder.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Yes, that's common knowledge.

    I don't think I've heard anyone 'use' "BuT MeN ComMit MoRe cRiMeS ThAn WoMaN". I rather doubt you have either. What would that even argue for?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Men DO commit a whole lot more crime than women. That isn't the issue.

    The issue is that many of the same people who favor women are the ones writing the laws that govern men and male behavior. If a law is written that punishes men to a greater extent than women,  breaking that law can no longer be used as a barometer to judge moral superiority or inferiority. If a woman slaps me and I slap her back, me being charged with a hate crime while she isn't doesn't prove that "girls rule and boys drool".

    What feminists conveniently leave out is that male life is a hell of a lot more criminalized than female life, and the criminal statistics reflect that. What they also leave out is that men who do commit some of the more heinous crimes are arrested, prosecuted, incarcerated, executed primarily by MEN. Men control the government institutions that get criminals off the streets and protect more women than male criminals hurt.

    But again, feminists leave out a whole lot of context when discussing these issues. Because the primary issue with them is not about crime, or rape, or a gender wage gap, or none of that crap. The primary issue is about attacking men.

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    "Feminists, you do know that most men arent criminals ?"

    The "Patriarchy" conspiracy theory pollutes the minds of feminism adherents.  It creates a misunderstanding of the very basic concept that just because most leaders, rulers and those with power have been men, does not mean that most men are leaders rulers and hold that kind of power.

    And similarly, as per this question, just because most criminals are men, does not mean that most men are criminals. Furthermore, feminism only looks at the bad side of men without understanding the basic human evolutionary outcome whereby men's behaviour is at the extremes while women's is in the middle.

    This means that men will be overrepresented as criminals, but men will also be the majority of crime fighters and heroes.  Men will be overrepresented among the stupid, but they will also be the majority of the geniuses ... and so on.

    So the basic answer is NO!  Feminists do not seem to understand any variance from female behaviour.  In fact, feminists completely misunderstand masculinity or anything male, and just treat men as if they are broken women.


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