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I feel alone, I’m being pressured to make decisions but I also don’t want to give up?

So, I really don’t want to ‘vent’ as such I’m just asking for any genuine advice that can be given if it’s ok.

I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for years and I have just been put on another waiting list for a mental health service (I’ve been on for like 6 sessions and then off for months over the last 2 years) but I’m not actually suicidal, I don’t suffer abuse, I dont have the things that make anyone take me seriously. I just want to have someone to talk to but my parents don’t get it and get mad easily & the few friends that I have don’t want to hear it (they change the subject or they tell me I’m complaining).My dad is having a go at me after failing to get into Leeds that I have to make a decision about a uni or a plan so that I can shape my gap year around it but I honestly don’t want to think about it now and he keeps calling it impossible (I want to go to a big campus style uni but they don’t do my course type). I love the idea of having new experiences and people in my life but I’m so tied down to school work and my town that I can never seem to find any of that. I’m 17 but I can never seem to be in the right place or know the right people and the numbness and stress I get from my mental health means I find it hard to enjoy life and I wondered if anyone shared any of the feelings I’ve said about and if so how did they deal with it. I know the confident, fun person that I want to be but that just seems so difficult and far away.

Any advice would be so great.

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    Your rather long winded explanation of events leads me to believe that you suffer not all together from anxiety or severe depression, but rather from analysis paralysis, where you've started over thinking everything and have been avoiding big decisions by worrying about what could happen. I would suggest you make a decision on what you want to do right now with the acceptance that anything could happen, move forward with determination, fail if you must, but don't stay frozen like you are now. Good luck, I hope this helps. 

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