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Why did nfl trick melananted black man Kaepernick to sign a waiver not to sue?

The democratic nfl are also white supremacists liemtrumponly not opened. They have not speak outaboutpoloce brutality like black Chicago, baltimore mayor,or white supremacists feds kidnapping black men and putting them in gang territories with guns in their hands so they can kill each other . The white owned nfl chose a Saturday because it's a day off and they can do a black man dirty by making him sign a waiver .

You have butterbusfuit coon Stephen a Smith worshipping Massa until he gets pulled over for his skin color. 


The white Democrat owned nfl didn't want kapepernicks camera men there and have a mysterious Saturday workout so they can do him dirty. 

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    The waiver said the NFL couldn't be held liable if Kaepernick was injured during the workout and said it was not a guarantee of employment.

    Kaepernick and the NFL already settled out of court (back in February) for the allegation the NFL was 'blackballing' him.

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  • 8 months ago

    I'm just glad he upsets Trumptards so much. 

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  • Rayal
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    8 months ago

    melananted?  You mean melanated,  if you are going to use a slur it helps if you spell it correctly and try to use the space bar once in a while.  

    Why are most bigots not even able to use spell check when they write their rants?   

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  • 8 months ago

    Kaepernick is a cry baby who ruins nfl teams. He needs to get a real job and move on with his life.

    • Alice8 months agoReport


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