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Physics Word Problem Please?

A slingshot fires a pebble from the top of a building at a speed of 14.0 m/s. the building is 31.0 m tall. Ignoring air resistance, find the speed with which the pebble strikes the ground when the pebble is fired a) horizontally, b) vertically straight up, c) vertically straight down.

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    Have you been taught the conservation of energy?

    Change in potential energy is the same no matter how it gets there.

    Given no change in total mechanical energy,

    v = sqrt(14^2 + 2*9.81*31) m/s

    If not then use kinematics formulas.

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    You have to memorize trajectory equations.

    Vo Horizontal

    Vyf² = 0²+2*g*d = 19.6*31 = 24.65 at impact

    Vxf = 14m/s at impact so 

    Vf² = 24.65²+14² = 28.3m/s at impact a)

    Vo straight up

    Find time of flight 

    31 +14*t - 4.9*t² = 0

    t = 4.32

    Vy(4.32) = 14 - 9.8*4.32 = -28.3m/s (down) at impact b) 

    Vo straight down

    Vyf² = 14²+19.6*31 = 28.3²

    28.3m/s (down) at impact c)

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    a) 28 m/s

    b) 28 m/s

    c) 28 m/s

    Gravity is a conservative field

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