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Marijuana depersonalization! Help!?

So twenty seven years ago I made the really dumb decision of smoking weed. I had done it twice before but never got as high as I did on this Saturday in 1992. As soon as it hit my system I started freaking out really bad, I couldn't think or see properly, my heart was racing, and I was very paranoid. It was the scariest experience ever! Twenty seven years have passed and I still don't feel normal. I feel like everything around me is fake, like I'm dead or dreaming. I cant see or think normally and I'm really scared that I have to live the rest of my life like this. So my question to you is, is this because the THC is still affecting my brain? If so, how do I flush it out of my system? I just want all of this to be over with :(

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    You smoked weed in 1992 and you still feel an effect? IDK man, maybe somebody dipped it in PCP or something else than just weed. I however suggest you do an MRI check/scan at some hospital just to be sure. Weed isnt always good for you, small doses maybe but too much of anything is never good. Good luck.

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