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Regretful feelings from a missed opportunity (5 years ago) ?

Have you ever felt this overwhelming feeling of shame/regret from something that happened 5 years ago?  No, I didn't kill anyone or anything horrible.

I was drum major in high school band, and I feel like I wasn't that good.  I took things way to serious and didn't have much fun.  I keep fearing that I missed a big opportunity to be great, but blew it because of my own social awkwardness and low self esteem.

The drum majors to come were great, and very successful at completions.  I can't help but feel envious and angry at myself for not doing the same.  I can't even go to ball games or follow the band on social media because those feelings keep coming back!

I know high school is over, and who we are in high school doesn't matter.  And I'm doing quite well for myself.  Just finished college and have a great job and girlfriend.  But these feelings haven't gone away.  How can this be fixed?

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  • LP7
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    9 months ago

    You could be a perfectionist and can't accept that there are some things you don't excel at.Remember all your past experience has brought to here today where you are "doing quite well for myself, just finished college and have a great job and girlfriend".If you still like drums take it up as a hobby to settle the uneasiness.It might give you closure and trigger an emotional scar which needs healing.Perhaps your parents can help.

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