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How has the Internet made it easier to interact with, and influence, the bureaucracy?

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    The internet makes it easy to track what elected officials are doing, which bills are coming up for a vote, what politicians have voted for in the past, and so on.

    You can also look up proposed federal regulations. In the United States, whenever Congress passes a new law, numerous other federal agencies actually have to write the rules that enact and enforce that law.  For example, if Congress passed a law banning high fructose corn syrup from food products, the FDA would have to write new rules defining which products shouldn’t contain corn syrup and what would happen if a food manufacturer ignored the new law.  The federal register is the official journal of the federal government’s regulations.When an organization starts planning new rules, they are announced in a “notice of proposed rulemaking.”  The general public is generally given an opportunity to review and comment on the new rules. Proposed rules are collected at  You can search for proposed regulations and post comments. 

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