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I Need Help With Catchy Names For Sauces?

 I need catchy names that are simple and express feelings for the following sauces. 



-Buffalo Hot 

-Buffalo Mild  

-Buffalo Medium  

-Lemmon Pepper 

-Garlic Parmesan 

-Salt N Vinegar 

-Hot Garlic 

-Thai Sweet Chili 

-Mango Habanero 

-Honey BBQ 


-Cajun BBQ 

-Ghost Pepper 

-Buffalo Cajun

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  • denise
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    9 months ago

    Buffalo = Hot Horns, Med Horns, Mild Horns.

    CitricPep, Aoli Parm, S 'n' V, Flamin' Garlic, Manghanero, HoneyB's, CajB's,

    Booo!Pep, MooCaj.

    Sorry cant think of one for Thai sweet chili sauce.

  • Tulip
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    9 months ago


  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I cost $137/hour for marketing. But I'll give you an anecdote; one day as a stoned teenage BOY in a store I had to sort nail polish. Me and my coworker laughed our asses off at the names of the colors. Neon green was "*** in my anus" sparkly pink was named "strap me to the bed." etc.

    Those were not the actual names, slightly exaggerated, but it gets the idea across of what that brand was trying to do with their marketing. If you're serious about branding you need a consistent theme you stick to and have a little soul as a 'loft layer' if you will to give it 'color'.

    If a bus full of kids was hit and killed by a train in the area, you will name the streets in the subsequent development after them. And the their ghosts will push it up hill if you leave it in neural. True story, "true" also in quotes.

  • John
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    9 months ago

    It's real nice of you to tell us this.

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