How did Dexter's life turn out throughout the cartoon Dexter's Laboratory, especially from the time he was born?

Or, let me put it this way as well:

What could Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory have done in order to become truly whole as a person, to overcome his fears and limitations, to defeat his rival Mandark and especially the forces of evil, to fully attain the good, innocence, happiness, and especially the love that was all but denied him by his sister Dee Dee, his parents, his babysitter, and even just about everyone else around him, and especially, to avoid a lonely death someday?

Are there any ideas or suggestions as to what could Dexter's Laboratory's Dexter himself have done in his life?

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    I Love Dexter's Laboratory

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  • 8 months ago

    As a child, Dexter's family was killed and he was found in a cargo container filled with blood.  It made him psychotic and have urges of a serial killer.  But the cop who adopted him decided to teach him to kill and not be caught in exchange for getting him to apply 'Harry's Rules' which were that he could only kill killers who had escaped the system.

    Eventually he went on to become a blood spatter expert for the Miami-Dade forensics unit before ultimately being unmasked as the Bay Harbor Butcher and allegedly dying in a boating accident.  Allegedly.

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      Someone was going to make this joke, and it may as well be me.

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