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My best friend has bulimia and I don’t know what to do?

I’m in eight grade for context. My best friends and I are a group of four, there’s me, my best friend “carry,” and my two other best friends named “nia” and “Isabel.” I used fake names btw. Anyways, a few weeks ago, Nia told Isabel that she made herself throw up in the bathroom and she had been doing it for years. Isabel is very sensitive, and she couldn’t handle the pressure, so she told Carry and I. We decided to tell the guidance counselor, since everything we’ve learned in health pointed us in that direction. So Nia got really mad when she found out we snitched and literally didn’t talk to us for like 3-4 days. It was really frustrating. But that’s not the point, since she is sort of getting help. The point is that Nia is holding a grudge against us and still thinks we did the wrong thing. She always says stuff like “I feel like I don’t know you anymore.” And “you guys betrayed me and I’m just supposed to get over it?” It really hurts my feelings and makes me feel awful. I don’t know what to do and how to rebuild the friendship we used to have. What should I do to gain back her trust and learn how to forgive myself for snitching on her?

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  • Foofa
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    7 months ago

    When kids toy with life threatening illnesses it's not for you and your friends to keep secrets. This isn't an inadvisable crush or experimentation with makeup. This is something that kills you if it's not treated. Someone in this friend group needs to grow up and tell a responsible adult what's going on.

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  • 8 months ago

    You stand your ground! You didn't "betray" her at all. Her best friends decided to try to save her life because she has been actively endangering her health and her life and thank God (thank God) that she reached out and shared this dangerous disease she's been courting at war with her body. The three of you love her dearly and shared the information because you Love and Care for her like real friends do. Real friends don't "keep the secret" that their 8th grade friend is endangering her health and her life. That would have been stupid. If she wants to be bitter... she will be. But you did the right thing.

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