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Darcie asked in HealthMental Health · 3 weeks ago

How can I overcome this?

Hello 👋,

I have Autism and anxiety. I also may have OCD and binge eating disorder (my mum swears I have OCD, but I don’t think 🤔 I’ve been formally diagnosed. I also have been thinking about binge eating disorder and have done a test online, the results came that I likely do have binge eating disorder).

 Anyhow, the start of my woes with overeating was when I was put on Olanzapine for anxiety in about 2013/2014. Fast forward to about 2017 and I was put on Pregablin. It was gotten worse and worse. 

 It is also very much a psychological thing. I have gotten into the habit of “pigging out” on chocolates, etc. in the evenings. I will eat excessively. I will also eat cake and chocolate during the day. It is very much something I love and am strongly attached to for enjoyment. I have strong desires for these sweets.

 I want so, so, so, so, so badly (some times more than others) to look after myself as well as I can. I make vows to the Buddha (I like to consider myself a Buddhist) to always look after myself as well as I can, but I always break them.

 Should I also mention that I’m vegan (with cheats!)?

 No hate or abuse, please.

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all...

Thank you 😊.

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  • 3 weeks ago

     i advise you to change your psychiatrist.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    UK answer

    Hi, do you mind me asking how old you are? Anyway, it's disgusting that you were put on a powerful antipsychotic for anxiety. Olanzapine is nasty, it makes you crave carbs and also slows your metabolism. I was on 10mg a day and gained 1lb a day. I hope you're no longer taking it. Pregabalin isn't the best anti-anxiety medication and as you've found it also causes weight gain. I took Olanzapine for psychosis and Pregabalin for chronic pain and neither actually helped my anxiety.

    I'm also autistic and doctors still love to medicate autistic patients to make us appear more neurotypical to others even though the side effects make us suffer inside. Small children with autism are being prescribed the antipsychotic Risperidal which is so wrong. I used to take the beta blocker Propranolol for anxiety and it actually really helped, with no side effects. If the dose is too high then you can feel faint or even blackout if you get up too quickly but at the right dose it's great. Matybe something to consider?

    If you're 16+ you're an adult in the eyes of the NHS so your parents have no right to know anything about your mental or physical health or what medications you take. You decide if you want to see medical professionals, if you want to take meds and you give consent for medical treatment, not your parents; it's all up to you. It's not much different if you're under 16, you just need to tell the medical/mental health professional at the beginning of each appointment that you don't want your parents to know what you discuss. As long as the doctor believes that you understand what is being discussed you have the right to make decisions as if you were an adult and can refuse treatment and medication.

    If you're under CAMHS and want to speak to someone about your meds or you want to be assessed for OCD or an eating disorder just give them a call/email or write to them or speak to your care coordinator at your next appointment. If you don't have a care coordinator speak to your GP and they can arrange things for you.

  • Mark
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    3 weeks ago

    Short answer: look up the Wim Hof Method. Watch the 3 free vids and start to put the breathing techniques into practice. Secondly, you deserve more love, not less. To help with that, watch Matt Kahn on YT. Those two things will help you find freedom.

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