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Which waist trainer would you recommend?

I'm big bones and chubby, I have a natural hourglass and I've used a waist trainer in the past; now that I've gained a bit more weight and since my tuition comes with gym access I want to wear a better quality waist trainer, especially since my old one didn't really cover my fupa the way I wanted it too. This question is for anyone who had used a waist trainer, which one would you recommend? I thought about buying one from Xtreme Kurves, it's a bit more expensive but they look nice. J sculpt is the second option I'm looking at, it looks the same to me just a bit cheaper and I really want some genuine opinions. I know they have different sizes and variety though, I'd prefer one long that really shapes me, I'm doing this more to focus on my shape rather than weight. My current measurements are 42" 36" 42"if that can help with which I should choose based on how they size things.

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