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Help me with my dog.?

Hi, I'm in a mid life crisis with my dog. He is a Labrador (high energy out of control puppy) he is a big boy and is VERY strong. He has a loving personality towards my family. Things started very young with him:

1. He mouths/jumps up.

2. Barks at strangers/lunges and bites.

3. Pulls on the lead/lunges at stranger dogs - he chases them away when they come close often in attack mode.

4. He DESTROYS everything.

5. When someone is at the door his hackles on his back go straight up and he is barking like mad.

6. He is very greedy and steals food off plates.

7. Can't have anyone around anymore.

8. Jumps over fences to get to people (my neighbor is TERRIFIED of him) even my whole street is always on edge.

9. He growls at people.

10. (I do recall when he was younger - a little boy running down a hill - my dog chases him and pushes him over).

I think the reasons like he is, is because he was born on a farm - living outside with his mother and siblings. He isn't socialized and is very insecure and frightened. 

I'm a full time parent with a cleaning franchise - I have 2 other dogs (good as gold) and 2 children who go to school. UK.

I just need suggestions - not hate. My family was going to book him in for a residential but wasn't sure if it was going to work as we didn't wanna pay for something that didn't.

One more question - is an untrained, high energy 1 year 7 months 22 days dog dangerous? and can is be taken away and be put to sleep if you don't train it?

Thanks :) 

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  • Jojo
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    8 months ago

    2 years ago you were  14 years old. 

    So, unless you are not the person on the Yahoo profile, it means you are now only 16 years old! Yet you state you are a parent? 

    What is actually correct? 16 years old....or a parent using their kids computer?

    Assuming the first......

    So....what are your parents doing about this unruly and untrained dog?

    No  good sending the dog away to be trained unless you go with him and learn how  to handle him, or he will return from training ok, but will soon revert to his old ways without a strong leader to discipline him properly and to who he can show respect.

    Maybe you and your family should consider if this is the `right` dog for them, and in reality the dog would be much better off, and happier in a home with an owner who is experienced enough to be able  to train him and bring out the best in him.

    ALL dogs NEED a leader who they can respect and look up to, not an owner who allows the dog to do as it likes, and is more of a follower than a leader.

    No good keeping a dog if its not suited to you and not compatible with you or your experience with high energy dogs. The dog will be confused and not be happy, and neither will you be. JMO.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 56 years (UK)
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  • Maxi
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    8 months ago

    YOU need to book dog training classes and YOU need to take the dog training...... 'residentials' do NOT WORK as they do not teach YOU to train your the dog will behave for the person/s 'training' him and once he comes back to you he will revert back to as he is now...and you have no clue what they do to your dog while it is away

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  • Angel
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    8 months ago

    Sorry to say but your lab has gotten away with absolute murder, lack of training, lack of socialization has turned him into a bully.

    He needs obedience training now, hire a trainer, get him enrolled in classes and find the time to work with him.

    Part of his nutty behavior was puppy exuberance but since it never got corrected and he was never made to behave it sounds like it’s turned into aggression.  That’s dangerous in anyone’s book.

    Even if he doesn’t bite he can charge at someone, scare them till they scream which may excite his hunting instinct driving him to nip at or bite, worst case... minimum damage is knowing the protein down, possibly broken arm or maybe a hip on a elderly person.

    I still have problems with my two year old wants to jump up but he catches his own behavior by laying down immediately after trying to jump.  It’s my fault because I have to work with him more but it’s vastly improved over last year when he was walking on his back legs mostly for the first couple minutes of our walk.  It takes a lot of practice, correction and repetition to correct the bad habits.

    Good luck with the pup and contact a trainer ASAP before something bad happens with him.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Is this the same dog you couldn't be bothered with neutering?

    1 - Increase your homeowners insurance;

    2 - Purchase umbrella coverage;

    3 - Make friends with an attorney who will take a phone call from you;

    4 - Speak with a trainer;

    5 - Don't answer the door if I'm on the other side - I'm an investigator for a law firm.

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  • 8 months ago

    Things started very young with him. Yep, they generally do. And you failed to correct those undesirable behaviours when he was very young when it would have been easy, so it will be at least twice as hard now. Contact an experienced dog trainer.

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  • 8 months ago

    Yes, any dog that attacks other dogs (or TRIES to) and BITES people & jumps over fences into other people's yards- and has the whole neighborhood FRIGHTENED (is dangerous).  How could you NOT **UNDERSTAND THAT** - when you do comprehend EVERYBODY is AFRAID of YOUR DOG???

    He could knock somebody OVER when LUNGING or jumping on them & cause them to break: an arm, leg or wrist.  You can be SUED.  LEGALLY, any dog that lunges on, mouths or BITES other people is DANGEROUS.  Much of this is again a LACK of basic obedience training.... just as is stealing food.  

    Any dog who bites a person can be taken from you held in quarantine after a bite (at your expense for two weeks so they can determine if he has rabies, regardless of shot records) and he may or may not be put down, esp if he has developed a recorded (KNOWN) RECORD of biting people.  

    HOW DARE YOU "allow him" to continue to BITE people????  What kind of irresponsible JERK are you - not to have gotten HELP as soon as the FIRST bite, lunge or mouthing HAPPENED???????  You are lucky - you have NOT BEEN SUED.

    Although he may have been BORN on a farm and lived outside, if you got him as a puppy - it was YOUR JOB to socialize him, even more than the farmer/ puppy producer you got him from (and obviously you did not).  I have NO IDEA what would have attracted you to a frightened nervous puppy (if he was like that at 7-10 weeks of age).  But I suspect...he was not or not like he is NOW.  No, he was MADE to be the 100% UNTRAINED juvenile delinquent - he is => largely by a lack of training and a lack of daily (HARD) exercise.

    Labs are high energy sporting/hunting dogs.  If you do not hunt, do not do dog agility or some other HIGH energy dog sport, or run/jog daily - WHY did you get this breed?  And upon seeing he was a high energy PUPPY - why did you (or somebody else in the home) NOT take him to obedience class, to 1) socialize him AND 2) get him under control and TEACH HIM NOT TO BITE and not to JUMP on people?  You have no business getting a dog & then doing NO training, any more than you should just go out a GET A GUN (with no information & no gun training)!

    Sending him off (for training) will not help much. YOU need to be the one doing the training - in a formal class setting or with a private trainer.  He can be taught things, but it won't do any good, if he doesn't RESPECT YOU or you (and your family) do not know how to get him to mind... after the training.  (He won't just DO IT, because you asked, or memorized the "magic" commands.)

    An additional part of the problem is..... he is so horribly UNDER-exercised.  A tired dog is a better behaved dog - because it has NO CHOICE.  Unless you can develop some ways to aerobically exercise him DAILY (no a walk... won't CUT IT) he is still going to be DESTRUCTIVE.  And unless you fix or increase the height of the fence (or get a NO JUMP harness) he will still be climbing, jumping or digging out.  

    He has NO OUTLET for his brain (high intelligence goes with HIGH ENERGY) & he has no work to do. - That's a BIG PROBLEM that no amount of training...BY ITSELF will solve.  You have not proposed ANY solution for that part of your problems.  

    IMO, this dog is the wrong breed for you & your lifestyle and he needs to be returned to the breeder or re-homed. 

    • Jojo
      Lv 7
      8 months agoReport

      100% in agreement with E.H`s answer.

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