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Would Ukrainians support Native Americans if they scalped Warren as punishment for appropriating their identity for her own personal gain?

Like the average Ukrainian citizen.

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    I would support it. 

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    Cut the crap with the propaganda, hide-behind Anonymous.  Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is not a career politician---she has been a people-protecting Consumer Advocate as well as a tenured Law Professor at Harvard, only entering the political arena when ornery old-fart Mitch McConnell (in the bankers' pockets) blocked her appointment to President Obama's banking oversight panel in the wake of the 2007-2009 financial system meltdown.  Her job: Enforcing the Dodd-Frank Banking and Wall Street Reforms.  When McConnell filibustered the panel and Professor Warren's appointment, she ran for a vacant Senate seat in 2012 and won.  

    My mother told my siblings and me that we were a small percentage of Cherokee, and she would show us the handed-down antique peace pipe as "proof."  Same with Elizabeth Warren's mom, who spoke of the family's heritage.  So what?  This would be a point of pride for any of us!  Being part of any ethnicity is not "appropriating" that ethnicity.  Trump's family (Drumpf) is from Nazi Germany where his corrupt granddad set up a brothel rather than serve in the German army---so that he could blackmail high-ranking Nazi officers. Slumlord father Fred Trump was so corrupt that DDE called him before Congress in the 1950s for stealing money from HUD that was meant to help war veterans acquire affordable homes in New York.  "It's not stolen if it is still in my bank account," said snake dad Freed. He figured if he hadn't spent the more than $5 million then it was not stolen.  Like father, like ugly lifts-wearing son.

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