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Should Germans be practicing positive Christianity today?

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    No....First of all it is illegal to promote Nazism in Germany.  And the bible teaches otherwise. Read Ephesians 2, where Jews and Gentiles become one in Christ, decendents of Abraham.

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  • The Germans, like all people in the world, some already practice Christianity, since the coming of Jesus Christ on earth.

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  • 8 months ago

    SURE ... AND IT'S EASY TOO !!! 

    All that you have to do is believe that a beast will 

    come out of the Earth and another will rise from the sea, 

    that streets of gold are waiting for you, that a mansion will be 

    yours after you are dead, that a GREAT BIG BOAT saved all 

    of the animals, that a place called He|| is in the center of the 

    Earth, that you were born with 'original sin'.... 

    AND that four horsemen can actually ride through the sky! 


    Christianity = Living a life that you have been given for free,  

    and expecting to be rewarded for it after it is over. 

    Why are we not surprised. 

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