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Moving house with cats. Need advice/tips?

This is my first move with pets so I'm a bit unsure at what to do and what is best. I have a few options when it comes to moving day as I want to do what will be best, safest and less stressful for my cats.

My options are -

1. Me and my cats stay at my mum's house while my husband and his family move the stuff in and then we go to the new home once all the stuff is in and all that is left to do is unpack. My mum has at herself so I know that may stress my own cats out more since cats are very territorial.

2. Move the cats into the new home an hour or so before the stuff gets moved in so they get a lay of the new land so to speak and when the stuff gets moved in, have things moved in a complete room at a time so say bedroom stuff first and I'll stay in the livingroom with the cats and then we'll switch to the finished room while they work on the next room

3. Stay at our old home with the cats and stay in a room that isn't getting stuffed moved out of at that moment and then switch rooms when needed and go to the new flat once everything is in

I'm probably over thinking it all. I just want everything to go as smoothly as possible for everyone and my cats are seniors now so I want to keep their stress at bay. They are both indoor cats so I always worry they may escape during the move, that why I'm staying with them at all times

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    #1 is definitely best as there's zero risk of your cats getting lost in the chaos.  Yes, they may be stressed being somewhere strange but they're going to be when you move, right?  Keep them in their own room at your mom's house with the door CLOSED and do not allow ANY of the existing pets to interact with them so neither group gets stressed.

    I've always done #2 since I live far from family.  I've always gone to the new location and set them up in the new second bedroom with their food, water and litter and put a big note on the door DO NOT OPEN and shut the door.  But this will ONLY work if you're sure everyone that will be there on moving day you can count on to not open the door. If you're hiring movers some may not even read English.  They could open the door and your cats could run right out your open front door.You can also do the opposite of this by leaving them in a room you've cleared out in the OLD location until you're all moved in.  But again, there's the risk of someone opening the door and them getting out.

    Just do whatever will cause the least risk of losing or endangering your pets.  Once you're moved in KEEP THEM IN ONE ROOM for at least several days.  Let them feel safe in that room before you allow them to explore the rest of the house.  You'll also have boxes everywhere and things that can fall on them.  You'll also be going in and out a lot with the boxes once you empty them so more risk of them escaping.  Take this time to go around the house and check for hazards - make sure there's no holes they can get into, all windows have secure screens, etc.Good luck!

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    I moved 7 cats into a new home.  Option 3 was the choice.  The cats were put in individual carriers, and brought to the new house at the same time.  The carriers were opened in the new place, and the cats were allowed to exit the carriers, and explore, in their own time.  They weren't unceremoniously dumped into a new space.

    We also brought their old litter boxes and food bowls, so the furniture wasn't the only thing that was familiar.

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    I would choose the third option and I would not do the first one. cats will be stressed enough to move once, they do not need to be stressed twice moving first to your mom\s house and then to yours new one

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    all of these sound like good ideas.

    use two or three of them.

    bounce them off your spouse and kids.

    take the wisest choice.

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    i think either of those could work

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    i think either of those could work

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    Leave the cats at their old home while everything gets moved. Pick a room for them as much away from all the commotion as possible, and clear as much as you can out of that room before the cats go into it, but leave a few things so they have something familiar around, like a rug or a chair, and of course the litter box and some water. Put them in their crates when that stuff has to be moved. Move the cats last, so the stuff they know is in the new house when they get there. Pick a room, again, that's as quiet as possible while stuff is getting moved in/unpacked. Just leave them in their crates until all the commotion has stopped and outside doors aren't opening, till everyone has more or less settled in for the evening. The open the door to that room, open the crate doors, make sure there's a litter box and some water in the room, and let them come out when they feel like it.

    If they are in crates, you don't have to stay with them. In fact, it's better if you just let them be instead of checking on them all the time.

    Having one person sit and watch cats while everyone else is busy moving seems kind of silly and the move will take a lot longer with one less person working.

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      I'm physically disabled which is why I was tasked why looking after the cats that day instead of heavy lifting/moving stuff

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    It is best to move everything else first and then the cats, because they would be scared by all that moving activity in a strange place. It may also be smart to move the cat to the new place for a visit or two, and let them roam around for a while and then bring them back before the final move. If they know they are safe in the new place, then it makes the move less stressful.

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      That's a very BAD idea, actually.  The new location with no furnishings will have ZERO smells, sights of the old location so make them even MORE fearful!!!!

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    I think staying in your old house in a room with them would be best. If you stay with them, they shouldn't be very stressed :)

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