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How did God know that Israelites were ready and mentally hardened enough to kill babies when he ordered the slaughter of Midianites?

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  • The hardening of the heart of the Medianites was the work of your god, Satan!

    Since they did not want to know of God's reproaches through his Prophets, they paid the right price!

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    knowing everything.

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    They had to wait for the baby to change its diaper before bashing its head against a stone

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    Slaughtering innocent blood and taking innocent lives is considered injustice, but I do know that God wasn't unjust in destroying the first born children of Egypt as just punishment for them destroying the firstborn children of the Hebrews first. That actually was fair and just. 

    There is a stern teaching in this, because we can't treat people however we want to treat them, and expect God to treat us well in return. But if we desire the ultimate ruler to be merciful to us, kind to us, generous to us...etc... then we must do likewise to the rest of humanity. God is love, but not only - He is Righteousness and Truth. The Bible wants us to take God's love and the severity of God seriously. God wants our love, but He also wants our deep respect. His love in no way, shape, or form gives allowance for us to sin - and any time that we have, is only given so that we have time to turn to Him. 

    God isn't taking sides with ethnic groups, but He will side with righteousness, because He is only looking to support righteousness. There are plenty of times in the Bible, where God allowed great evil to befall His own people, because they did great wickedness. And they suffered greatly. While God preserved His Truth through Israel, He didn't give allowance for evil. He held His own accountable, just as He holds all people accountable. The evil that we do, curses not only ourselves, but those around us, even our own families. It is a serious matter, that we shouldn't take lightly. 

    There are plenty of people, who can dish out the evil, then are shocked when they receive evil in return.... they just don't have empathy, thinking that their lives are the most important things in the world. But when we don't value what pertains to God, He will not value what pertains to us. Even King David who was given a superior position, still ultimately had the same value as the soldier Uriah who he did great evil to (by sleeping with that man's wife then having him killed). As a result, God punished David's household greatly, including David's own children for David's evil. 

    The child that David had with Bathsheba (he married woman of Uriah that he slept with), died at birth.  One of his son's raped one of his daughters, and the brother of that daughter ended up killing the rapist son. One son rose up against David, and tried to take the throne away from him. And David's son Solomon who was considered a wise king, wasn't always wise, and his ways caused the great division of Israel. It was because of his actions, and some other unfaithful kings like him, that Jesus was born in a manger outside with the animals. People can bring curses and blessings upon their own household by their actions... and this pertains to all people. 

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    He made it sound like a fun game.

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    Being a god would have it's privileges.

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    keep studying the bible.

    you need to.

    the fallen angel progeny was still in existence.

    they were to destroy them (ALL) when found.

    i think your history and life is off.

    posting as anonymous (with intent) proves this.


    verses please...

    then we can talk...

    the surrounding verses will prove all things.

    (and others i use)


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      Numbers 25 will help with the WHY THIS HAPPENED.

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    ok, its not that the Israelites loved to kill babies. its that God commanded it, or if not, it was the choice of the current living prophet. One thing is sure, there were times when Israel had to plant their crops with one hand, and hold a sword in the other hand in order to defend themselves from invaders. That said there were other people that would take the babies and dash the children of Israel against the rocks. and it seems they did Love to kill the people of God.

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    It is a serious matter for the parents of those babies to be on the wrong side, as the problem extended to the third generation.

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