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Why can’t the mentally disabled sue police and jails/prisons ?

They are viciously abused by police and jail staff they are denied their meds and are preying upon by other inmates. They can’t help the way they are they should be taken to mental health facilities and be treated by medical professionals. The system has failed the mentally disabled and it really makes me mad because I am disabled and was very much abused by Utah cops etc. why can’t people like me sue the police and jails?

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    Unless a person hasn't a major mental illness too many people are idiots.  I was in handcuffs when I went and I am so small that handcuffs seemed unreasonable.  Oh well.

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    I agree with everything you’re saying. I also learned a long time ago that lawyers only take cases if they think they can make a profit. They are businessmen. The majority don’t really care about social injustice or how people have been taken advantage of by the system. And the ‘mentally disabled’ in this country are treated as badly as the witches in Salem were. 

    Source(s): Cops can literally kill innocent people and get away with it. Many are on the psychopathy spectrum. Lawyers are motivated by $$$ generally and little else. Many are on the psychopathy spectrum. Judges, many in the psychopathy spectrum, tend to side with police. The state protects its own. The state is somewhere on the psychopathy spectrum. You can Google professions which attract the most psychopaths if you want. If you think I’m making any of this up. So I ask you... With all these psychopaths controlling our destinies, who is going to help us? If there is a God and he judges men according to their deeds, I guess we have to wait until after we are no longer here to get our justice. In the meantime, we suffer.
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    You can...get a good attorney

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    you could try and sue them

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    Yes, so why don't you go for it.

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