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Having to wash my clothes twice to get them clean ?

If I wash my clothes in hot water seems like the stain sets in.  If I wash my clothes in cold water they don't come completely clean.  I have to wash them in cold water let them soak for a couple hours, then wash them in hot water.  I feel it is a waste of time, energy, soap and money.  I would appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions what I can do better to get my clothes clean. 


Oxyi clean does help but still need a better solution.

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    Have you considered warm water? Or pre-treating stains? Or washing some clothes in hot, some in cold, and some in warm depending on the clothing and what it's stained with? Hot water does set some stains. Cold water washes most things perfectly well. You have to learn what works best for different situations.

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    Your clothes should come clean if you don't overload the washer, use the correct amount of detergent (try Tide, works the best) and wash things before they become super dirty or smelly.  And try the warm setting.

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    I find oxy clean helps.

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