is your google account sign in formation the same as your google chrome sign in information?

the problem here is i can't remember my google chrome sign in information, but if that is the same sign in information as my google account, i may be in luck as i have the password for my google account written down here on my desk on a scrap of paper and i have verified my google account with my smart phone in case i get locked out of i just might be in luck............

BUT if your google chrome sign in info is different to your google accounts sign in info, then i will have problems, because i cannot remember my chrome sign in information and can't remember where i wrote it down as i have lots of scrap paper and writing pads with information written down.

and its important for me to know my google chrome sign in info because when i start using a new operating system (windows 10) and i download chrome on it, i will need to know the chrome sign in information so i can retrieve all my saved data in google chrome like- bookmarks, history, favourites, extensions etc.

so, back to the question, is the google accounts sign in info the same as the google chrome sign in information? or different?

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  • 9 months ago
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    Yes, to sync your info (bookmarks, browsing history, passwords etc.) with all the devices you own, you just need to sign in to Chrome using your Google account.

    Check out the "Google Chrome Help" page (link in the source) if you need more information.

    Your Google account is used for all products and services provided by them - Gmail, Calendar, Chrome, Maps, Hangouts, Youtube etc.

    Here's a list of all products by Google -

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