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When should I apply to plattsburgh? Please help ?

i want to apply now because I’m scared the spots will fill up if I wait. My sat score is a 910 and i heard plattsburgh only takes 1050 and up. I’m retaking the sat in december. Should i wait Until my next sat score and apply december 20th? I don’t know what to do please help. I also don’t want to apply now and then send my sat scores in late because then I feel like the spots will be filled. 

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    They want 1080. And that still puts it as a reach school for you. 

    Most students do raise their SAT score when they take it a second time, but by 200+ points is a stretch. 

    This would still be a reach college for you. 

    There are no a specific number of “spots”. Colleges always accept more student than they have room for. There is always a percentage that do not accept their acceptance. Most student apply to 3-6 schools.  

    I would get a meeting with the admissions office at the school. Talk to them about when to apply and if you can send in your SAT later,

    Make sure to apply to other schools. More in your range 

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  • 8 months ago

    You do not qualify to apply for admission to Plattsburg at present. You must retake SAT & be sure you meet requirements before you submit an application. If you only meet minimum requirements to apply, do not expect to get accepted. Obviously, any school only accepts the best applicants.

    Even with study for SATs, participation in a review course, it is highly unlikely you will improve your score by at least 150-200 points. You need to be looking at community colleges, vocational programs, occupational training courses.

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