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Dr says I had a week to live, is it true?

After 10 years of never seeing a doctor cause I only go when I am feeling sick, I started seeing a doctor due to an accident. He takes my blood pressure and says it's 180/120 and would've died within a week if I hadn't come in.

So is he telling the truth?

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  • hart
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    2 weeks ago

     High blood pressure is luck of vitamin c and magnesium

    change your diet

  • I care
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    2 weeks ago

    Very high blood fact.

    Normal  120/80

    Hypertension 130/39

    Stage III  140/90 

    You should purchase an arm  blood pressure piece and take your pressure daily.

    Find out if your salt intake is too high or not.

    Blood Pressure is not something to mess with......see your Primary Care doctor asap.  Pay close attention as to what they recommend to lower your B. Pressure.  

    Good luck and hopefully take vitamins sure helps. 

    Also without blood test you could possibly have other issue that need addressed...since 10 yrs. being cared for.

  • 180/120 is way too high over way too high, & if that condition is chronic & uncorrected it will result in long term & short term cardiovascular issues, & one of them certainly COULD be sudden death.

    However, based on only your way too high blood pressure, I don't think any dr. could accurately predict your death within a matter of days.  I tend to agree with the contributors who are telling you that the doctor is being overly dramatic to make a point. 

  • 2 weeks ago

    Sort of.  He should have said "you could have died" within a week, but doctors tend to use more dramatic language when talking to laypeople and patients in order to get through to them.  Technically, if you have any kind cardiovascular disease or defect (detectable or not), your risk of dying suddenly is substantially higher than the general population.  You could start dying (start loosing consciousness due to v-tach or v-fib) before you finish reading this sentence, but that does not mean you will.  Same applies to your stroke risk.  

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Maybe a little exaggerated (I know of people with severe BP  problems that hit those levels on and off for years and didn't die, but you'll note they had it 'on and off') but it was certainly possible you'd have had a stroke or heart attack soon if it continued  on without treatment.

  • 2 weeks ago

    Did you do research on high blood pressure? It can be deadly if not treated can lead to a stroke or heart attack diabetes etc was there any signs to let you know your pressure was elevated like being light headed or anything? It’s good you’re not a sickly person normally but unfortunately we all have imperfect bodies so anything is possible be grateful that accident revealed this life threatening diagnosis be wise get a regular check up just because.

  • The stress of seeing a doctor after 10 years is enough to put anyone's blood pressure up. Get a blood pressure monitor and check yours every day when you are relaxed.

  • 2 weeks ago

    High blood pressure can bring on a heart attack.

  • enn
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    2 weeks ago

    High blood pressure such as this is an indication of blocked arteries. It means blood pumped from your heart is being squeezed through clogged "pipes", and the heart is working harder to pump it all through the smaller space. Follow your doctor's orders to reduce weight and clean out your arteries by eating your oatmeal and take the prescribed medications if you wish to avoid open-heart surgery.

  • Tavy
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    2 weeks ago

    The average under 40 is 120/80, over 40 it's a 140/80. So yes you are at risk of a stroke.

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