How do i get rid of man musk?

I take showers daily and wear clean clothes but i still have a weird musky smell i cant get rid of. Any tips? Thank you

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Try masturbating more. Man musk builds up in direct correlation to libido. You need to lower your libido to lower than stinky man juice coming out of your pores. You really have two options.

    1. Jerk it so right all the time. If you don't bruise your urethral lining, you aren't really going to make any head (nice) way.

    2. Take antidepressants. A common side effect of antidepressants is lowered libido. This would also, in practice, decrease your apparent musk issue. I know what you are thinking. "HOW DO I GET ANTIDEPRESSANTS." A lot of people don't realize this, but you can actually fake the symptoms of mental illness for drugs. Go see a psychiatrist and tell them how SAD and LONELY you feel and how it's hard to GET OUT OF BED. It is imperative that you claim these symptoms have lasted LONGER THAN SIX MONTHS.

    Please don't actually do the second one. Just jerk it more. 

  • 2 weeks ago

     when I smelled like that I was a young man --I would get caught  being  seen by young ladies I was embarrassed  they did not mind it-- but I certainly was always embarrassed

  • John 7:24  ¶ "Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Put bug spray on yer body. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Scrub with soap in the shower, especially in the creases of your body. You may want to consider showering twice a day. I shower and wash my hair every morning before work and then do another hot shower without the hair washing before bed. This keeps me pretty clean most of the time and the nighttime shower helps keep my bed and bedding clean. It also feels good and helps me relax, in fact, if I don’t shower before bed I can’t fall asleep.

    Also, consider long, hot bubble baths. Nothing will get you squeaky cleaner than a long hot bubble bath (be sure to shower off after). A long bath gives your pores a chance to open and let go of any toxins.

    Also, think about what you eat. Garlic, onions, other strong smelling foods, processed foods like processed meats and fast food will all affect the way you smell. Mustards, condiments, etc, will all affect your personal smell. Most fruits, vegetables, leaner, simpler protiens will have the least affect on your smell.

    I live in an area where there are LOTS of vegetarians as well as vegans. I work in home remodeling and design and go into peoples homes all the time. I can usually tell by the smell if people are vegans and often if they are vegetarians. The odors are that distinctly different. Most vegans think meat eaters stink.

    Different people also have different personal aromas, I know families where the men tend to have the same smell. I recognize similarities between the way my brothers and I smell. I’ve noticed in my life that there is a particular smell that some men have that is not to my taste and it tends to be genetic. I once worked for a family business where the grandfather, dad and the two teen sons all had that same smell. I could only smell it if they hadn’t showered that morning.

    You can also try different types of soaps, they are not all equal. Through my life I’ve had different soaps I used almost exclusively, right now for the last several years it’s a lemon verbena soap from Trader Joe’s, for a long time I used only Dr. Bronzers Peppermint Soap (be careful with this on very sensitive areas, some folks think it burns). For a long time in my 30s I used this super cheap pink dishsoap, it was the only soap that I felt got me clean (I have very oily skin). That soap was detergent based and different that most soaps intended for the body. While talking about soaps, I like to use dishsoap for bubble baths. Most commercial bubble baths and the bath bombs or other smelly type bath products favored by some women have a lot of oil in them which leaves a film on your skin. I like dishsoap because it rinses very clean, makes great bubbles and is inexpensive. Right now I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s dishsoaps.

    I suggest NOT using any sort of soap that leaves a residue on your skin. Most of the deodorant soaps do that to me and frankly they all reek anyway. If I have to use some sort of scented deodorant soap to wash my hands, say at a friends, the lingering odor makes me naseaus. Again, I’ll head for the kitchen and use the dishsoap.

    You may also want to look at your laundry habits. Not all washers do a great job and an overfull washer will not get. Your clothing clean. I use various free and clear liquid laundry soaps, I don’t want them to “perfume” my clothes and powdered laundry soaps leave very fine powdery gunk on your clothes.

    If you are a young man, between teen and early to mid twenties, you might not be able to completely get rid of the odor. Many of my friends have had boy children who grew into teens and then men and it’s a simple fact that teen boys reek. I make an AMAZING very garlicky pesto spread that everyone LOVES, which I’d bring by the quart and the teen boys would decend on and practically eat with spoons - we would always joke about how bad they smelled for days after. My friends would groan when they saw the pesto, then we’d all reach for the bread and laugh about how they’d have to leave the windows open for days.

    You could also try talking to your doctor. There can be a medical reason for changes in body smell.

  • Ann
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Think about what you eat and drink, because people's sweat reflect their food choices.  If you eat a lot of garlic and onions, you will expel that odor.  Same with fish.  You may have to change your eating habits.  Also, drink water with lemon in it.  Avoid caffeinated drinks.  Use a deodorant soap such as Dial or Irish Spring, and use a deodorant as well.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Try a different soap, drink more water, no colas and other junk drinks, cut out spicy foods with cumin, garlic and such. Being odiferous is not such a bad thing, you know endorphins play a big part in natural selection, I would rather have a man smell like a man, not a pansy. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    go see your doctor and find out why you have that smell

  • Jay
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    3 weeks ago

    standing in the shower and only using water doesnt count as an actual shower

  • Dze
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    get rid of the hair ...

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