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So let me get this straight...?

As vice-president and secretary of state (and presidential candidate), Biden and Clinton made some extraordinarily illegal and unethical deals with Ukraine that allowed Ukraine to influence US policy and the US election in 2016. 

Trump says "let's look into that" 

Now, TRUMP is the one being impeached? What? 

Biden and Clinton are the ones who committed crimes. There is ZERO evidence Trump did anything even remotely unethical, certainly not illegal and nothing close to an impeachable offense. 

Are the dems just trying to deflect criticism to hide their own crimes? 

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  • Ann
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    8 months ago
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    Yep. You got it. But Trump has got people looking into what they did, and the consent of the then President. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Well, you haven't gotten it straight, you've got it completely backwards.

    Biden and Clinton didn't commit crimes in Ukraine (or anywhere else that we're aware of).  There's no evidence of that or even any allegation of that.  Ukraine didn't interfere in the 2016 US election.  That's pure Russian propaganda, as State Department employee Katie Hill explained today. 

    Trump does appear to have committed crimes with his handling of things in Ukraine (as well as other unrelated crimes elsewhere including campaign finance fraud, tax fraud, bank and wire fraud, and rape).  Trump's actions in Ukraine are the very definition of corruption.  He used his office to solicit something of personal benefit to himself.  He predicated him completing his lawfully mandated duties as President on Ukraine doing something to benefit him.  That's corruption.  It's the same as if he had asked them for a bag of cash before he would do his job. 

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    What a load of garbage. There is ZERO evidence that either Biden or Clinton did anything unethical or even criminal. But if there had been, Trump should have reported it to the DOJ / FBI. They work with foreign countries all the time.

  • 9 months ago

    Correct. The democrats have gone full blown treasonous and must be eliminated. By force if needed.

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  • -j.
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    9 months ago

    Whenever someone says "let me get this straight" you can always be sure that the following paragraphs are complete horsesh!t.

    Literally nothing that you said is true.  Nothing.

    Hope that helps ease your confusion.

  • 9 months ago

    Yeah, you got that about as straight as a dogs hind leg. 

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