Son used debit card to buy minecraft dlc? how to get refund?

I just got my bank statements today and found out my son used my card to buy stuff on minecraft? statement was about 20$ for something called pixelcraft rank? I did not know minecraft had a in dtoreshop how do i contact mojang to get a refund? this is unacceptable it was this easy for him to do. I took his laptop away until he works off the 20 dollars around the house plus interest

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  • drip
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    If you read closely there is something about a child account doesn’t give a payment option.

    And further down there is a contact for refunds.

    My public library offers free one hour consultations  on computer , phones, games.  You may ask them if you can get information about blocking options for parents. You should be able to take his laptop in to the library and they can show you. 

     What is his age, does he know how credit cards  / debit cards work? My teenagers did quite gasp it until we really discussed how they work.  That this was in essence stealing for you.  

    This may help too.

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