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Has Piggy done anything evil or immoral in Lord of the Flies?

My class is having a discussion finding out whether Piggy has done anything wrong or immoral during the time that he was on the island, perhaps him being involved in Simon's death. Is there any piece of evidence that can support it?

Would really appreciate some input on this.

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    The way to find out what's inside a book is to read it.

    I'm sorry your teacher didn't make this explicit to you.

  • Tina
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    2 weeks ago

    Piggy is the fat kid with glasses. When he turns up in a film or a book he is either:

    going to die about two thirds of the way through (very common)

    turn into a hero (not unheard of, but unlikely)

    He doesn't have to *do* anythng.

  • Andrew
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    2 weeks ago

    There are 202 pages in the edition of "Lord of the Flies" that I have here on the bookshelf. If you open yours to Page One and read up until the point Piggy is killed, you'll have your answer. 

  • Nancy
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    2 weeks ago

    No. There is no evidence to support him not having done something. That's not how proof works. One must prove someone did something. Something that never happened can't be proven because there is no evidence of things that never happened.

    The reason Piggy is attacked and bullied for no other reason than he is weak, and the boys have gone native: jungle law. Having Piggy be at all immoral would've or having done anything immoral, meaning he meant to do something evil or wrong, then the parable of him, what he represents in the story, wouldn't stand up. It's essential to the story, the message that Golding is conveying with the story, that Piggy be a quintessential innocent. Were Piggy immoral, were there any moral justification to treat him as he is treated, then the entire story, its entire point, falls apart.

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    what are ou talking about

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