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Why was there no sequel to Dragonball GT?

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    Dragonball Heroes can be consider a sequel to GT. But it also features Dragonball Super as will.

    But the truth was GT wasn't popular enough to get a sequel.

    Toriyama's Dragonball ended after Z but Toei Animation still wanted to keep making money off Dragonball so they created GT. But GT wasn't good enough for viewers so the show was cancel after 64 episodes.

    Toriyama also isn't writting the Dragonball Super manga and anime series.

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  • Raditz
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    There was a sequel of GT, but it was only a 1 episode TV Special called "Dragon Ball GT: a Hero's Legacy", and it was set in a distant future after GT.

    The story itself was about Pan's grandchild, which was named Goku Jr., where he was trying to help Pan recover from a heart attack by searching the Dragon Ball.

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