If anyone knows the name of the manga I described please let me know?

Manga/maybe manhwa that I can’t remember:

Female MC is a goddess who is in love with a war god. The war god is punished and reincarnated as a human. She leave the celestial world and goes to the human world where she finds the war god reincarnated as a baby abandoned under a tree. She decides to raise him. She starts a martial arts school for poor people who no nothing of martial arts. The reincarnated war got gets accused of doing something by some rich dude how is I love with the female MC. He is about to be executed when she jumps in to save him and gets stabbed. I can’t remember any more. I’ve been trying to find it out for a few years.

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  • Joanne
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    7 months ago

    No, because manga isn't my specialty.  Sorry.  But I love stories of taboo forbidden romance. 

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    • Joanne
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      7 months agoReport

      Finally - https://lazy-sister-revenge.blogspot.com (not romantic; brother vs. nasty sister) and https://snow-white-sister.blogspot.com (sister misses childhood love of her brother and rekindles it) and https://pixie-ginger-sister.blogspot.com (ginger siblings discover they're meant for each other).

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