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When measuring, do Drs often assume the amniotic sac is the size of entire inside of womb if can't see outline of it on ultrasound? ?

Bc last I heard, the amniotic fluid is contained within the amniotic sac, not freely floating in the entire womb. Just wondering. Seems a lot of stories they're just measuring the entire inner womb (whatever space is visible) saying it determines amniotic fluid amt. Can anyone accurately measure a fluid level without liquid measuring tools & just a 2-dimensional ultrasound only? Again, 2d, can't see around the other sides while making each measurement on one side. Then they keep offering amniocentesis as a solution for everything, if they say someone's fluid is slightly high , they are told that they need a procedure that pokes the baby's amniotic sac (and risks early labor and killing the baby) and that it should help reduce some of the fluid. I would say it would, the baby's fluid will drain for weeks, if doesn't die first. 🙄 Women are given this option for like everything Everytime they go into an obgyn office. For genetic testing, to test if baby has any future illness, for basically everything. Why is amniocentesis a procedure that is pushed upon women for practically everything pregnancy. Obviously putting a hole in the baby's amniotic sac is not something someone should do? Water breaks from a hole in the amniotic sac. When Drs induce labor, they poke a hole in the water with an amniotic hook. When labor naturally occurs, it is bc there is a hole in the amniotic sac. So why the hell would you poke a hole in the amniotic sac with a needle, midway thru pregnancy???

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    No, doctors do not assume that.  Not often.  Not at all.    You're the same one who's trying to claim their doctor couldn't tell the baby's position via ultrasound, aren't you?

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