HELP! I can’t remember the title of a movie!?

Okay so I watched this movie years ago and it was on Netflix. I literally told the entire story as I remember it! So SPOILER ALERT!

It was about this teenagers who attended a competition. Six (or four) kids one and they were paired up (filmmaker and musician). The kids were taken to a college campus that was empty for the summer. They were tasked with making a music video. Closer to the end of the second round of the competition, the kids were all fired and told to go home. The teens decided to stay and finish what they started. Instead of doing separate teams, they all teamed up together. The guy who fired them noticed them on campus and the janitor told him that their parents couldn’t come until the end. The one who fired them demanded they all stay in their rooms but the janitor let them run around anyways to make their video. At the end, they made a music video of them singing in a fountain. 

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  • Jamie
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    8 months ago

    Harry potter and the philosopher's stone

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