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Summer retainer (Wales, UK)?

I have read that in Wales in the UK, if you pay a summer retainer for a student property, you have ‘secured’ the property and that no one else is to live there and you should be updated if someone goes into that property to do work etc. I know this doesn’t count as full rent. But my landlord had admitted to staying in this property over the past two summers as I’ve stayed here for the previous two academic years. Is this even allowed? I had left my belongings in this property as I was allowed to to save moving it back home and back to wales again. It makes me feel uneasy knowing he didn’t tell me this beforehand and that expensive belongings were left there under the pretence that I one would be in the property for July and August. 

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    UK: A summer retainer for a student property means he doesn't rent it out to holiday makers during the summer, nothing stops him staying there, you are not renting it just paying to hold it for your following term... so if he stayed in it he is not renting it out, pack up your 'expensive' belongings and either take them home or secure and insure them

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