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What exactly makes everyday men's day?

As feminists love to make this claim

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    "What exactly makes everyday men's day?"

    It's the feminist (ill)logic that looks at the elite, rich and powerful men, and then imposes that status onto ALL MEN in order to claim that all men have "male privilege".  Most feminists actually believe their own nonsense here.  It's actually laughable except for the fact that this propaganda has been mainstreamed and many accept it as truth today.

    Feminists don't even acknowledge the average, or common male.  Those are ignored as if they don't even exist.  Thus the 93% work death rate of males, or the 4X suicide rate of boys and men compared with women, or any of the male-only burdens or societal oblations to women are just considered to be "normal" and not even counted for.  But when rich or powerful men are referenced (without respect to their wives and daughters of course), suddenly they are held up as the deliniator for all men compared with all women.


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  • 7 months ago

    There IS such a thing as male privilege.  It's not as bad as it was decades ago, but we still haven't achieved total equality in the workplace or in schools.  There's still a wage gap, there's still a bias against women in technical fields, management, etc.

    We've made great progress.  The civil rights laws passed in the 60s, that half the country is still all butt-hurt about, helped women more than they did blacks and  Hispanics.  But male privilege still exists, as does white privilege.

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