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Why do apps in my Java phone (Samsung Duos) sometimes vanish after the SD card in which they are stored is inserted into a laptop?

I have a Samsung Duos SM B-313E which is a basic Java phone.

It has all the basic apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. except Whatsapp.

I have installed e-book reading software like Foliant and Albite Reader on a Memory Card and also uploaded some text and epub files on the same Memory Card. I can read the books alright.

I have also installed a basic offline compass (no GPS) which is simple to use.

I also watch 3gp videos on it.

I insert the Memory card into the laptop in order to copy and paste files on to it (epub, text, 3gp videos or MP3 files).

Sometimes, all of a sudden, after removing the Memory card, I find that the Opera Browser, Foliant as well as the compass has been deleted. The Saved Pages folder is there but it does not work.

I then have to redownload all these, a very tedious job.

What could be the reason for these apps suddenly disappearing?

Please let me know so that I can prevent this problem from happening.

In case that happens again, is there is an easy way to recover the lost data?

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  • Lv 7
    9 months ago

    ...if you installed them on the SD Card and then remove the card, how do you think you can access it?

    also, you donxt need to remove the card to load things on it, and you aren't supposed to remove the SD Card frequently, and certainly not with the phone on!

    if you enable Developer Options and turn on USB debugging, you can connect the phone to your PC with a USB data cable to access the SD Card.

  • 9 months ago

    It is possible that the application resides on the SD card, but there is information ABOUT the apps that reside with the OS on the phone itself. If the card is removed, the information on the phone itself can no longer find the apps so it uninstall (the phone part) of the programs. when you put the card back it no longer has what it needs to find and run the programs.

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