I m looking for a gaming headset for my dad.?

My dad likes to listen to music while he games so I was wondering if there was any headset out there that could play audio from 2 devices at once. It doesn t have to be bluetooth and bluetooth it could be bluetooth and aux.

If there isn t anything like that out there then could anyone recommend something that has great audio quality but is also made well (I dont want it to start falling apart after 6 months) for PC.

Cost is no issue I just want to get something cool for my dad.

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  • 8 months ago

    i don't understand why you need the audio to run through 2 different devices. you can run input through headset and output through sound bar but i mean if listening to music while gaming seems kind of redundant to have it go through both your mice and sound bar.

    out of the mics i've tried for pc gaming ( i play mainly MMORPG's such as WoW for MANY years so yes i use my mic's a LOT... and extensive periods of time ) 

    i would NOT recommend 1. Senheisers ; the quality of the audio is garbage very soft. feels alright. 2. razer naga ; i've gone through more razer naga products then anything too much hype not enough quality. gotten quite a few mice, keyboards, headsets all broke pretty fast. only thing to actually last it's course was the sound bar from them which has 1 wire that is super thin and i broke it easily. idk if i can even get a replacement for said wire that is after market. 

    i would ALSO not recommend wireless mics. i've bought so many wireless mics it's such a hassle having to charge them when you need to use it on demand the wires it comes with typically are not long and it requires a bluetooth device it comes with to sync for it to work. once you break that you need to buy a new one or a new mic whichever is easiest to get usually a new mic. 

    im currently running a steelseries mic think Arctic 7? kind of old model but it works good. only issue is besides the fact it's wireless is the headband lost elasticity so it's loose you can replace the headband they sell replacement ones and for some reason depending which USB port i put the mic in sometimes it is louder sometimes it is softer. my other mic which i had the best experience with was made by creative labs it's the WoW headset VERY good audio and mic kind of outdated tech though and the ear muffs are leather so they will peel off eventually it is kind of heavy too. 

    i've had the WoW steelseries mice though lasted quite a long time as well. 

    i personally wouldn't go with razer naga unless he is a huge fan but that thing is like so hyped up. if they didn't break so easily they are fairly good products outside of my experiences and trust me i've gone through quite a few of um. my current keyboard is razer naga right out the box it was broken. not a huge issue but if you wanted that specific setting where it lights up in different colors ( wave effect ) then it will piss you off as mine has a huge delay on that and the colors are off so i just keep it stagnant on 1 color 

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  • Kyle
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    does he not have any of his music on his PC that he also games on?  then he should just run his music app while gaming and adjust the sound settings appropriately.  

    maybe give him an IOU for his gift.  then you two can go shopping together so he can pick out what he wants.  that can be a great experience for you two together.  then maybe go out to lunch or something.  

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