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Which comedy are these scenes from?

It's about a hospital based comedy I watched as a kid. I remember a scene where a doctor insist to help an old man to brush his teeth. The man protests, but is unable to say anything with toothbrush in his mouth, so he points at the nightstand where his teeth are in a glass of water. In different scene a badly injured and covered from head to toe in gypsum patient is taken outside, but he accidentally falls on the ground and starts rolling down untill he hits a tree and breaks in pieces. The doctors run to the place to help him, but for their big amazement they don't find anyone in the gypsum wreckage.

So, I hope someone can help me with this. :)

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    The Disorderly Orderly, body cast scene in the Comment section

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      Thank you! I had no idea it is so old, I thought it was something from the 90's. I can't wait to watch it again. 

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