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What will happen to my friend?

What will happen to my friend? He recently had left a gun in his truck from hunting the day before. The next day at school there was a rumor that someone was going to bring a gun to a fight so the officers checked everyone’s cars. They looked inside of his truck and found the hunting rifle. It was inside of a case and was not loaded. He goes on a trial to see if he will be expelled from the school or not. What do you think will happen?

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    "He goes on a trial to see if he will be expelled from the school or not." Eh? Trial for expulsion? Expulsion ain't no penalty for no crime, dude. Troll ain't done troll's homework.

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    He will be expelled, but I hope he won't. Schools are very nervous about weapons on school campuses, even if it's not loaded and locked away, and it wouldn't matter one bit if the hunting rifle and the vehicle he drove in belonged to one or both of his parents, the fact of the matter the rifle was stored in the car that was on school property and he brought it there.

    Your friend could be the most gentlest non-violent person on earth, but this mistake could end up costing him a good education at this school.

    Hopefully he will be able to find another school that will take him for the duration of his education.

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    School and police cannot search everyone's car just like that, they need probably cause and permission or a warrant and they wouldn't be able to get all of this for every car in the lot.

    Needless to say I don't believe your story.

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    Bringing a gun on campus for whatever reason is forbidden. He should have left it home after his hunt. Didn't bother to clean it after?

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    He will be expelled from school at the very least.

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    He will be promoted to the boss of the company, buy a sports car, and have lots of big breasted chicks swooning over his wallet pretending they care about him. Then, three days after his 63rd birthday he will die in a corn silo explosion in southern Montana.

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